X-Pyr 2022: Complete list of drivers

Who is participating in X-Pyr 2022? Here is an overview of the full list of drivers.

Andreas Viehboeck (AUT)
X-Pyr recruit. A professional mountain biker turned walk-and-fly athlete.

Cedar Wright (USA)
Beginner. Mountaineer sponsored by North Face who took up paragliding. “If I can finish, I’ll be over the moon.”

Chrigel Maurer (SUI)
The favourite. 7 x Red Bull X-Alps champion and 3 x X-Pyr champion.

David Corpas (ESP)
Beginner. XC rider who ranks 1st in the Sierra Nevada National League.

David Liano (MEX)
Veteran X-Alps and X-Pyr. Climbed Everest and K2.

Edoardo Colombo (ITA)
Beginner. Mountain guide and vol-biv pilot.

Edouard Potel (FRA)
But for another try after being forced out at the start of 2018.

Fabian Umbricht (CH)
Participated in 2018. “It’s such an amazing adventure.”

Frederic Juvaux (FRA)
Beginner. Local driver – the Pyrenees are his home and his playground.

Giuliano Minutella (ITA)
Beginner. Supported Ogisawa (JP1) in the X-Alps 2021.

Greg Hamerton (GBR)
Back for a second chance after competing in 2016 (15th). Film until the end.

Helmut Schrempf (AUT)
Beginner. Participated in Red Bull X-Alps, Eigertour, DolomitiSuperFly.

Inigo Gabiria (ESP)
3 x X-pyr. Winner of the first edition in 2012. Back to find out more. “The experience is fantastic.”

James Elliott (CAN)
Beginner. Former military survival expert who lives by “Slow is smooth and smooth is fast”.

João Pedro Simonsen (BRA)
Beginner. Brazilian big wave surfer and XC rider.

Johannes Hellland (NOR)
Beginner. “I can’t wait to get into adventure mode.”

Jordi Vilalta (ESP)
Beginner. Lives and flies in the Pyrenees.

Jose Ignacio Arevalo (ESP)
3 x X-Pyrs (4th in 2016). Spanish H&F champion and winner of the XC sports league

Keith Paterson (GBR)
Beginner. “What scares me? The heat! And narrow or non-existent places to land.

Kinga Masztalerz (NZL)
Beginner. Red Bull X-Alps veteran (2019) and experienced vol-biv pilot.

Lars Meerstetter (CH)
Late recruit. Solid experience in walk and fly competitions.

Lino Colo (ITA)
Beginner. Acro pilot and hike-and-fly beginner.

Logan Walters (USA)
Beginner. “The X-Pyr has been at the top of my list for four years.”

Luis Linde (ESP)
Participated in X-Pyr 2018 and experienced XC and competition rider.

Maurice Koller (Germany)
Beginner. Won the Bordairrace Montafon 2019 “after running my first 100km in the night”.

Maxime Pinot (FRA)
Silver in X-Pyr 2018. 2 x X-Alps (2nd in 2019, 4th in 2021). Head-to-head with Chrigel Maurer for favorite.

Mikolaj Kocot (POL)
Beginner. “It’s going to be one hell of an adventure and that’s what matters.”

Nicolas Hayes (ARG)
Beginner. Adventure pilot who walks and flies in the sierras of Cordoba, Argentina.

Court of Noah (CH)
Rookie and at just 21 the youngest. Won the Eigertour (Challenger class) in 2021.

Patrick Sieber (Germany)
X-Pyr 2018. Back after forced retirement in 2018. Strong XC and adventure rider.

Pierre Remy (FRA)
Beginner. 2017 FAI World Champion and winner of the 2018 PWCA Super Final. Lives in the Pyrenees.

Remi Bourdelle (FRA)
Beginner. Sports teacher, para-alpinist and XC pilot (300km triangle from Chamonix).

Reto Reiser (CH)
Beginner. Doctor and XC pilot who set a European record of 306 km in triangle in 2018.

Rich Binstead (Australia)
Beginner. Experienced XC and competition pilot and mountaineer.

Rob Curran (USA)
Beginner. Expert climber who has also traveled Nepal from east to west.

Sergi Claret (ESP)
Beginner. Experienced racing driver and current Spanish champion.

Simon Oberrauner (AUT)
Beginner. 3 x Red Bull X-Alps (3rd in 2021) and experienced adventure runner.

Stanislav Mayer (CZE)
X-Pyr 2014, 2016 (2nd) and 2018. 3 x Red Bull X-Alps (2nd in 2016).

Tanguy Renaud-Goud (FRA)
Beginner. Experienced hike-and-fly pilot with H&F world altitude record in 24 hours (daylight).

Thibault Voglet (BEL)
Beginner. Belgian PG champion and alpine pilot. Experience climbing “All the great Belgian peaks!”

Tim Alongi (FRA)
Beginner. Gold medalist at the FAI World Air Games and 4 x French acro champion.

Thomas Matera (CZE)
Beginner. Experienced walk and fly runner. Started flying after 12 years of triathlons.

Xevi Bonet (ESP)
Beginner. Flying since 1990, competitor for 25 years and former world number 1.

Yuji Emoto (JAP)
Beginner. Former competitive alpine skier turned pilot and mountain guide.

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Toya J. Bell