WVU Music Industry Program to produce album ‘Country Roads’, accepting submissions | E-News

My Hills Records by WVU will release a new album in fall 2022 focused on John Denver’s classic and national song “Country Roads” – a project created by the WVU Music Industry Program to showcase the musical talents of faculty, students. , staff and alumni around a song that is part of our WVU and State heritage.

The album will be a collection of a song recorded in various musical styles to showcase the diversity of the music and have fun with a classic song from the great American songbook.

The Music Industry Program is accepting submissions for review on this project.

Submission requirements include:

  • Faculty, staff or student at WVU, or

  • an active alumnus and / or member of the WVU Alumni Association, and

  • a video or audio demo of your performance or musical idea.

Country Roads has become iconic with WVU in its use, lore and traditions. People inside and outside the state recognize the song as the official song of the state (one of four) and most associated with the people of West Virginia. This album will show what the song means to many West Virgins in styles recognized and different from the traditional version of John Denver’s country music.

The album will support the educational efforts of the WVU College of Creative Arts, the School of Music, and the WVU Music Industry Program.

The Mon Hills Music Group and the WVU Music Industry Program are under the direction of Professors Darko Velichkovski and Joshua Swiger.

Find more information on submissions and / or questions via email at [email protected]

Toya J. Bell