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Show us your loot.

Former associate editor Jessica Kutz with an HCN patch stitched onto her backpack as she hiked the Colorado Trail in 2019 (top). Rebecca Clarren and Greg Hanscom with an HCN banner in 2000 (left). One of the stacks of back issues on Associate Photo Editor Luna Anna Archey’s desk (right).

Dear friends: This month we have archives on the mind. But first, a me culpa.

In February, we asked for your ideas on how to communicate with our readers in this digital and dispersed age. We have also given you a new email: [email protected]. Unfortunately, we made a mistake on our end and some emails may have been bounced back to their senders. We apologize and thank everyone who followed up and let us know something was wrong. Rest assured, your emails are coming now.

We continue to welcome your suggestions. The book club idea was popular, although those who liked it admitted to already belonging to several book clubs. Seattle’s Lee Stephenson suggested expertly narrated video tours of interesting or overlooked western locations. Keep sending your thoughts to [email protected]. Should we keep on running HCN Reading list? What makes a good video tour?

David Havlick was a trainee (the trainee, when it was a solo contract) in 1985. Here he is pictured in western Montana in 1991. His HCN shirt was colored – high visibility during the hunting season (top). Art director Cindy Wehling’s 25th anniversary t-shirt from 1995 (left). Lou Patterson’s 40th birthday vest (right).

Is there a faded HCN the sticker is slowly peeling off your car bumper?

We have another invitation for you this month: Along with publishing our archive number, we invite our community to access your own archive and share a photo of you on social media with your favorite old number from HCNor a towering stack of back issues, or an article from HCN merchandise over the years. Is there a faded HCN the sticker is slowly peeling off your car bumper? Do you have an old photo of you in a long retired HCN hat, or a current photo of yourself in a beloved and enviably faded hat? Is a HCN shirt your favorite work shirt covered in paint? Put it on and take a selfie, then tag us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter, using the hashtag #myHCNarchive.

We’ll be back next month with more of your ideas on how HCN can connect with readers and some highlights from our latest survey. —Greg Hanscom, executive director and publisher

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Toya J. Bell