‘Wally’s Wonderland’, which pits Nicolas Cage against animatronic monsters, begins filming!


A film that fascinates us more than anything else is Wally’s Wonderland, a new horror project in which Nicolas cage will fight animatronic monsters in amusement park.

Announced three months ago, the casting has started at full speed with the addition of the star of “Party of Five” Emily tosta, pictured below, and filming is underway in Atlanta, Georgia!

Tosta to star rebellious teen in director’s film Kevin lewis (Drop), writes Deadline which also reveals the addition of Beth grant (There is no country for old people), Ric reitz (The resident) and Chris Warner (Machete).

Tosta’s character, Liv, joins Cage’s character, The Janitor, in their attempt to survive a hellish night trapped in an abandoned family entertainment center populated by possessed animatronics.

“For me, there was always an actor and only one actor who could make this movie work, and that actor is Nicolas Cage,” Lewis said during the announcement. “I’m delighted to work with him and can’t wait to see him take on Wally and his gang of psychopathic misfits.

“I see this film as Pale rider vs Killer Klowns From Outer Space. “

The screenplay, which featured prominently on the blood list, is written by GO Parsons.

The film is heading to the EFM in Berlin where they hope to secure a distribution.

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