Trump calls the United States a third world country

Former US President Donald Trump has said that the United States has become a third world country in many ways.

Trump said in statements at a conference that in many ways the United States is becoming a Third World country, adding that the country’s economy is floundering and supply chains are disrupted as stores don’t fill up, packages don’t arrive and his education system is at the bottom of any list.

According to the former president, the United States is no longer respected and heard in the world, noting that the country has recorded the highest inflation rate in 40 years and the highest energy prices.

He pointed out that the country’s nation has become a “laughing stock” in many ways.

Trump mentioned that the United States could no longer be considered an independent energy state and that it would have to beg Venezuela and Saudi Arabia for oil supplies.

At the same time, he pointed out that two years ago, when he was president, the situation was completely different.

According to him, the Republicans should start to change things in November, during the midterm congressional elections.

Last week, the US Department of Commerce announced that second-quarter US GDP fell 0.9% on an annual basis. Thus, the country’s economy is in decline for the second consecutive quarter and this indicates a recession.

Toya J. Bell