Town and Country – The Wulfhorst Clan, Part 2

(Continued from April 15)

This column will present the genealogies and family histories of many inhabitants of Delphos and the region. We’ll start with Clan Wulfhorst. It’s a real puzzle to piece together the pieces of the Wulfhorst, Moenter and Wrasman families. They seem to be very related. Wrasmans married Moenters and Moenters married Wulfhorsts.

This author welcomes all information or corrections proposed by the readers of this genealogy.

Hubert Wulfhorst of Osnabrueck says that a teacher friend of Gutersloh made the origin of the name Wulfhorst a class project. The teacher has since died and the whereabouts of his notes are unknown, but the story goes as follows. In medieval times, the Prince of Kaunitz had a number of warriors under his command. One of the warriors was called “Wulfening”. For particular bravery, the prince rewarded him with a grant of land. It was uncultivated forest land and became known as Wulfening Forest or ‘Wolfening Horst’ in German. A “Horst” translates to a wooded, marshy, swampy plain. This property, over time, was shortened to “Wulfhorst” and the descendants and occupants were called Wulfhorst. The earliest known individual is Peter Wulfhorst of Gutersloh. Others have speculated that the name may date back as far as 1000 AD. The Gutersloh and Wiedenbruck archives still exist from that time Peter was a member of St. Pancres Catholic Church. The next parish to the east was St. Ann in Verl. There was an Anna Margareta Helftiacobs who married Henry Beckman in 1672.

My granddaughter, Brenda Dickman and I worked together on Clan Wulfhorst. I traced her ancestry and that of her father, Jim Dickman, back to 1576. She searched the website, Matricula, where you can find church records for various European countries. My friend, Evy Martin has provided a list of German parish addresses, which include Alfhausen St. Johannes for Kemper – Brickwedde; Belm for Wrasman; Bohmte for Wrasman & Moenter, Gesmold for Grothaus; Glandorf for Krief & Halker; Hunteburg for Wrasman; Miss St. Matthaus for Heitz, Kaverman and more; Osnabrück; Ostercappeln for Schröder; Rulle St. Johannes Apostel u Evangelist and Wellingholtzhausen St. Bartholomaus for Kaverman and others. Brenda searched Bohmte’s church records and found the birth or baptismal records of at least 6 relatives or ancestors of Moenter.

Johann Otto Wulfhorst of Wiedenbruck

Johann Otto Wulfhorst, 3rd son of Wilhelm and Anna Margaretha Wufhorst, was baptized at Gutersloh St. Pancras on December 23, 1758. He had a twin sister Anna Maria. Johann Otto being a younger son, had to seek his life wherever he could. He moved from Gutersloh to Wiedenbruck. There he married a city girl, Anna Margareta Schneider. They were married at St. Aegidius Catholic Church in 1785. Eventually, they inherited the Schneider family home. Their descendants lived there until the 1930s. Anna was born in 1763 and died in 1822 in Wiedenbruack. Otto died there in 1829.

The children baptized at Wiedenbruck St. Aegidius were:

1 Johann “Wilhelm” Conradus Wulfhorst, 1788-1842. He was a baker. He married Helena Magdalene Dickman in 1824. She was born in 1800 and died in 1869. She was the daughter of John Cornelius Dickman, goldsmith and wife, Catherine Pohler. Their children were:

a Catherine Wulfhorst born in 1826

b Anna Maria Wulfhorst, 1828 -1828

c Peter Anton Wulfhorst, born in 1829 married in 1867 in the Evangelical Church to Elisabeth Schlautmann

1 Helene Wulfhorst 1868

2 Marie Catharina Wulfhorst born in 1870

3 Gertrud Wulfhorst b&d 1874

4 Franz Wulfhorst 1878 – 1879

d Bernard Wufhorst 1833 – 1903 married Anna Maria Altegraebber de Verl b 1836

1 Bernard Wulfhorst 1872

2 Peter Wulfhorsts

e Johann Wulfhorst 1836 – 1836

f Gertrude Wulfhorst born in 1838

2 Johann Arnold Wulfhorst 1791 – 1794

3 Otto Heinrich Wulfhorst b 1793 moved to Bohmte

4 Peter Anton Wulfhorst 1796 – 1852 Went to Glandorf and Ft. Jennings

5 Anna Gerturde Wufhorst 1799 – 1802

6 Anna Maria Christine Wulfhorst 1803 – 1805

7 Wilbrand Wulfhorst died in 1805

8 Marie Florentine Josephe Wulfhorst 1807 – 1811


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Toya J. Bell