‘The patient’s serial killer is influenced by creator Joseph Weisberg’s country musical past

The patient Episode 4 “Company” reveals a big secret about serial killer Sam Fortner (Domhnall Gleeson) – he’s a member of Kenny Chesney’s No Shoes Nation fan club. Sam’s love of Chesney’s music might seem like a moot point, but that admission makes sense considering who created the show. Here’s the most likely reason why country music was included in Hulu The patient.

[SPOILER ALERT: Spoilers ahead for episode 4 of The Patient, “Company.”]

Domhnall Gleeson as Sam Fortner | Suzanne Tenner/FX

‘The patient’s serial killer uses Kenny Chesney’s music to cope

In FX’s Hulu series, Sam kidnaps his therapist, Alan Strauss, after stalking him for some time. Sam hopes that by keeping his doctor captive, Alan can completely cure him of his murderous urges.

“Company” features one of Sam’s sessions with Alan, where he talks about the “good parts” of his previous marriage. Sam cites how his ex-wife used to go to Chesney concerts with him. “How was it?” Alan asks.

“That’s not a question you have to ask,” Sam replies. “Because they’re still awesome.”

Then he explains what No Shoes Nation is. “The Kenny Chesney fan community,” says Sam. “I’ve been to 27 shows and that’s not even a lot. My friend Shane – he left at 78. He describes the fan club as a “peaceful” community.

“The central idea of ​​No Shoes Nation is love,” Sam concludes. It’s ironic considering Sam is a murderer.

‘The Patient showrunner used to write and perform country music

Creator Joseph Weisberg (Americans) has a history with country music, so it’s no wonder he chose to incorporate it into the The patient. According to New York TimesWeisberg used to write country songs “that he begged friends to see him play in local bars”.

Country Music Makes ‘The Patient’ Serial Killer Less Menacing

Overall, we find Sam’s love of Chesney’s country music too humanizing. The No Shoes Nation connection makes the serial killer much less intimidating, taking away the character’s otherwise menacing qualities.

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We can say The patient not necessarily about serial killers. Instead, the focus seems to be on Alan working through the trauma of losing his wife while being held captive by Sam. The patient It remains to be seen what the point of all this is.

Steve Carell’s character also references country music in ‘The Patient’ episode ‘Company’

Struggling to get ahead with Sam, Alan encourages him to go work in “Company”. Sam complies but grows increasingly frustrated throughout the day. At one point, he calls home to speak with Alan on the phone. At the end of the episode, he comes home from work, angry and ready to hurt his second prisoner, Elias (Alex Rich). Instead, Sam gets in his truck and drives off, giving Elias and Alan more time to hook up.

“I’m not doing very well here,” admits Elias. Then Alan starts whispering “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver, another nod to country music. Eventually, the two sing the song together as they wish to break free from the literal shackles Sam has them in.

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