The AZ native is causing a stir in the country music world

PHOENIX – From the mountains of Flagstaff to the bright lights of Nashville, country singer Avery Anna is a rising star, and her musical journey began right here in Arizona.

“I’ve been writing songs and singing all my life,” says Anna. “But when I was very young, I started singing with my grandfather. And he played the guitar. And I would sing. And we were singing very old country like Willie Nelson and Johnny Cash. And I was raised in country music, but that’s where my love for it really started.”

Two years ago, she was like any other teenager, trying to connect with others while stuck at home during the pandemic.

She posted a video singing in her mother’s porcelain bathtub, and ten million views later she had a record deal.

“It’s been a really, really crazy journey for me. I never really thought I’d be able to do this as a career until the opportunity was actually given to me,” Anna said.

Now she has released her first EP called “mood swings” and she has performed all over the country.

The 18-year-old is on tour now, chatting with us via Zoom ahead of a show.

“My favorite part, my favorite part is when I sing a song that I wrote, and like, people know it and they sing along with them, or I can make eye contact with them,” Anna said. .

These songs are more than personal for the young singer. They come directly from his diary.

“I’ve released an EP called mood swings, which is seven songs of the crazy emotions I’ve had over the past two years. So it goes from happy to sad to happy again. So, it’s just this emotional rollercoaster of songs that I feel, are very close and they mean a lot to me,” Anna said.

Her writing is inspired by the beauty of Arizona, especially her hometown.

“I find so much peace in the sky and the landscape and Arizona, the sunsets are so peaceful,” Anna added, “And actually, growing up, I used to drive to a place and write songs, watching the sunset by myself all the time. So just the scenery of Arizona and the people there, it’s just my home and it brings me a lot of peace and inspiration.”

And this rising star has dreams that will take her far beyond the mountains of Flagstaff.

“One day it’s going to be very, very big. I want to do a headlining stadium tour,” Anna said, “I feel like the main goal for all artists is to get out of the music and sharing that experience with their fans. And that’s all I really wanted to do.”

Toya J. Bell