Shania Twain’s real name and 9 other interesting facts about the country superstar

There’s a lot about singer and songwriter Shania Twain’s personal life that music fans may not yet be aware of. She’s been famous for a while now, so it seems like there’s not much fans don’t know about what happened in her personal life.

For example, she’s inspired a lot of young women and men who are currently in the country music scene these days, and she’s even done some cool things that don’t involve music at all. Shania Twain has really done a lot with her life so far. But despite being such a well-known musician, she has a lot more to offer than meets the eye. It seems like Shania Twain’s entire life so far has been full of very interesting details that some fans might not know.

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10/10 Shania Twain didn’t want to sing country

Shania Twain made popular country music, and it was the genre that helped her become as famous as she is today. Therefore, her fans might not be aware that she originally wanted to get involved in a completely different genre of music.

The star actually wanted to do rock music. However, a show she performed on changed all that and she became the country star everyone knows her today.


9/10 Does Shania Twain have stage fright?

Stage fright is something a lot of people experience, but it’s hard to imagine someone who performs on stage frequently can experience such a thing. Nevertheless, there are famous people who have claimed that they sometimes get stage fright.

One of those people is Shania Twain. Once stage fright made her wet her pants, so she spilled some water so no one noticed.

8/10 Shania Twain previously worked in the fast food industry

Just as it’s hard to imagine a singer suffering from stage fright, it’s also hard to imagine him working in the fast food industry. However, Shania Twain actually did both of these things.

The star once held a job at McDonald’s while still in high school. While she’s not the first celebrity to work there, it’s still hard to imagine Twain serving fast food to customers.

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7/10 What is Shania Twain’s real name?

There are plenty of stars who have different names than the ones they were born with, and Shania Twain turns out to be one of them. In reality, the name given to her at birth was Eileen Regina Edwards.

When the star changed her name, she chose to accompany Shania as a tribute to Ojibwe culture. Additionally, record companies pressured her to change her name.

6/10 What happened between Sean Penn and Shania Twain?

There are many stories of how famous people have helped other people start their careers and become celebrities, and some might be surprised to learn that a famous person did it for Shania Twain before she did it in the music industry. Early in her career, actor Sean Penn gave her some money and he even made a music video she made for the song “Dance With The One That Brought You”.

5/10 Baywatch creators wanted Shania Twain

With Shania Twain, something else that was popular around the same time she was rising to fame was the TV series Baywatch. Something Twain fans might be interested in finding out is that they almost got to see Twain star in Baywatch.

This is because the creators of the series offered him a guest spot. However, it seems Twain had different things in mind since she refused.

4/10 Did Shania Twain want to be famous?

Although some celebrities have always wanted to be famous, Twain isn’t one of them, which may surprise some of his fans. Despite the country music star’s notoriety these days, stardom wasn’t what drove her to enter the music industry.

Instead, she used music as an escape from the life she was living at home. Her upbringing was quite difficult and music comforted her.

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3/10 Shania Twain co-wrote a Britney Spears song

It seems like the 1990s was the perfect time for some women to rise to stardom. Another woman who entered the music scene around this time was a performer Britney Spears, and those who are Shania Twain fans might be surprised to find that the two share a connection with each other. Twain was actually one of three people who wrote Spears’ popular song “Don’t Let Me Be The Last To Know.”

2/10 Two Shania Twain songs have been heard in space

Another thing Shania Twain fans might be surprised to find out is that her music was performed in space. What makes this even more interesting is that it happened more than once and with more than one song. The song “Honey, I’m Home” was one of them.

Also, the other song was the popular song “Up!” These songs were used to wake up astronauts while they were in space.

1/10 How many times has Shania Twain been married?

Shania Twain has been married twice and she met her husband in a surprising way. The star married Robert John “Mutt” Lange in the early 90s, but they separated when he had an affair with his personal assistant, who was also a friend of his. After that, she married her assistants’ ex-husband.

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