Schult’s Country Inn named best fish fry in the Northwoods | wake up wisconsin

MERRILL, Wis. (WAOW)– Schult’s Country Inn is located just off Church Road in Merrill. It started as a garage then became a bar and is now a restaurant open one day a week.

“After a while my grandparents couldn’t take it anymore and my mum and dad took over. My mum and dad had a tiny little fryer behind the bar and so my mum just made it for the bowling team and then all of a sudden it got bigger, more people heard about it, and it got bigger, so behind the bar it went into the lobby,” Diane said Pfaff, owner of Schult’s Country Inn.

Diane and her husband Lee took over in the 70s.

“I love everything that comes out of the kitchen, it has to be perfect, if I see anything wrong I’m going to tell them,” said Darlene, Diane’s older sister and known as ” Number One Fryer”.

Battered fish for fry at Schult’s Country Inn.

Schult’s Country Inn was voted the best fry in the Northwoods.

“It makes me proud of what I do, to see all my clients come to see us, we appreciate it. I take my fish out on Tuesday, ready to marinate on Wednesday and Thursday, I take it out Thursday afternoon, and on Friday I cook it,” Lee Pfaff said.

Here is a list of previous winners:

Toya J. Bell