Ricky Hatton stops for a visit to New Look Coventry nightclub


Ricky ‘The Hitman’ Hatton stopped for a drink at a nightlife spot in town this weekend.

The former welterweight world champion has moved on to boxing promotion and training since hanging up his own gloves, and rose to 147 after seeing one of his fighters in town on Saturday 22 may.

Mr Hatton was at the Skydome to watch Brett McGinty beat his opponent on points, but decided to try the local beer afterwards with a stop at the Gosford Street club, formerly known as the Scholars.

Chris, co-owner of 147, told CoventryLive: “He got in touch to say he heard about the place, I think on social media, and said it looks like we have a great vibe, and could he come in for an exclusive drink.

“So they came down around 8pm, had a few drinks, took pictures and signed some stuff – I got him to sign some boxing gloves!”

“He was really nice, really down to earth, laughing and joking. We were full outside and he wanted to sit inside so we arranged that for him.”

The place was bought by Chris and his father Paul last year and they worked to rename the place popular.

They opened the garden last month and are now open to people who want to sit inside.

“It was great, really good,” Chris said when asked how the first few weeks went. “We have been full almost every night and have also been open indoors since last week.

“We also intend to make improvements inside the club, but I don’t want to say too much.

“It was a great start and I want to thank our manager Kam and all the staff who were wonderful, as well as Henry from Workbench Creatives and Gian from Illusion Prints who made us look so great.”

The place hopes to open up as a real nightclub, thus offering a relaxation of social distancing measures as planned, from June 25.

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