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The Morty we know from the show may not be from the same universe as the rest of our characters.

Rick and morty is a popular animated comedy show on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. Being a hit among millennials, the series is best known for its witty humor and ability to tackle current issues that plague our social environment in a unique way. The show follows the sci-fi adventures of a mad scientist (Rick) and his grandson (Morty).

There is a popular fan theory that suggests Evil Morty is the original Morty. Evil Morty is an evil version of Morty that exists in another universe. Some fans believe that Evil Morty is more than the antagonist of the series. A video produced by Screen Rant The video explored the possibility that Evil Morty was actually the first Morty in Rick’s life.

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Evil Rick, also known as Robot Rick, was first introduced in the first season. He reviews C-137 Rick’s memories. While doing this, Rick is shown playing with a baby Morty.

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Another reference was made in the season two episode, “Get Schwifty”. While visiting Bird Person, Morty noticed a photo on the wall.

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Rick and morty revolves around Rick C-137 returning home after being away for 20 years. In the series, Morty is only fourteen. But it makes fans wonder if Rick is hiding the existence of another Morty present in his life.

So the Morty we know from the show may not be from the same universe as the rest of our characters. How can he have past memories of Morty if they’ve never met before this moment? Unless he maybe left the real Morty in another dimension.

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According to an article published by Decision maker, some fans believe Rick thought his original Morty was killed by monsters, so he ditched the family in that dimension to start over with a different Morty. We think that’s where the show begins. Fans noticed this with the constant emphasis on Rick’s absence.

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The story of Evil Morty can be teased in the series’ opening credits. The opening credits change over the course of the four seasons, but there is one key element that remains the same. At the start of the opening credits, there’s a moment when Rick and Morty are on the run from a monster. Rick escapes using a portal gun to enter another dimension and leaves Morty behind. Various fan theories claim that Evil Morty faced a near-death experience that caused him to become evil.

Co-creator responds to Evil Morty fan theory

According to an article published by Digital spy in 2017, Rick and morty Co-creator Dan Harmon answered Evil Morty’s fan theory. He was asked about the photo of Rick holding baby Morty in Birdperson’s house.

“We never want to commit the crime of thinking so far ahead that we paint ourselves in a corner, but it would be just as foolish to throw things out there without thinking about them that we then realize two years later, ‘Jesus , if we didn’t have “I didn’t do that, we might be able to say everyone’s a robot!” he said.

He added: “So we take this seriously. We make sure there are multiple answers possible.” SoThe possibility that Evil Morty is the original Morty isn’t that far-fetched!

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