RayBurger combines Latin, dance and food in EP ‘Club Hamburguesa’


RayBurger impresses with its complex fusion of Latin musical genres mixed with bass / moobahton in Club Hamburguesa EP. Without going into the nuances of “what’s mixed with what” here exactly, the solo artist has found a place that brings together the cultures of the world through well-written songs. The experience is wildly partying on the one hand, but meaningful in a way of “ bringing people together like never before ” on the other.

Signed to JSTJR’s Group Chat label, RayBurger brings together a wide range of collaborators who help spice up the experience to this next level. Songs like “Bailalo Suave” and “Saben Como Soy” show this while adopting a Spanglish angle that draws attention as much as organically in tune with the energy at work.

RayBurger is far from its first release and has the praise to prove it. Some names that have supported his music include Valentino Khan, Wuki, Henry Fong, Craze, JSTJR, Juyen Sebulba, SpydaT.EK, ETC! ETC! and many others. Throw in over 100,000 streams to his name and you start to get a clear idea of ​​RayBurger’s success in the industry, the flip side of the contagious sonic aura that he brings to the fore in this EP and d ‘other versions.

Developing well on many fronts, a healthy dynamic continues to gravitate to DJ / producer RayBurger.

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