QAnon Believers Still Waiting in Dallas, Sing “Take Me Home, Country Roads” to JFK Jr .: Watch

Last week, hundreds of QAnon followers gathered in Dallas to witness the return of the late John F. Kennedy Jr.. When he didn’t show up at Dealey Plaza, they waited for him at the Rolling Stones concert that night (“Rolling Stones? Rolling away the stone!” A Q influencer said), and when he lifted them up again, some of the participants did something remarkable: they kept waiting. A few dozen are still gathered in Dealey Plaza, sometimes forming a circle to sing the strange psalm of this faith: “Take Me Home, Country Roads” by John Denver.

Like Steven Moncelli from Protean magazine reported on Twitter, these true believers replace “West Virginia” with the words “Dealey Plaza”, to better distinguish their own needs from those of Mr. Denver. Monacelli noted that “some of them also replaced ‘mountain mama’ with ‘Dealey Plaza’, so I’m not sure if they rehearsed that well in advance.” Considering the circumstances, this is one of the most outstanding musical performances you’ll ever see, and you can check it out below.

While the real JFK Jr. represent a marginal minority within QAnon, the movement continues to grow. Last month, The passion of Christ actor Jim Caviezel spoke at a QAnon talk, citing Brave Heart and urging the crowd to fight “Lucifer”. And even some people who don’t believe former President Trump is working against a cabal of blood-drinking, child-trafficking liberals still end up unwittingly giving credit to Q. Demi Lovato recently became an ambassador for the Gaia platform. , which in addition to hosting yoga videos has become a hub for QAnon influencers.

Toya J. Bell