Norfolk Country Register calls for in-house IT department

The following is a press release from the Norfolk County Deeds Registry Office. All opinions expressed are those of the author.

Dear Registry Actors and Citizens,


Please listen to the professional staff who manage the Norfolk Registry of Deeds to find out why the Registry needs its Information Technology (IT) department. (click here to listen to Registry staff at a meeting of Norfolk County Commissioners).

The Registry staff who did a compelling job advocating on behalf of all Registry users in this video have over 149 years of experience in registering legal and land documents. Shouldn’t the words of a professional registry staff who handle your home’s land records count more than those of a consultant who comes in as a “mercenary” to say what he is paid to say? Don’t the words in this video of staff who provided reliable service mean anything when evaluated against consultants who have never visited a registry of deeds or knew nothing of the registry’s operations until to be paid as a consultant?

On May 4, 2022 there will be a vote by the Norfolk County Advisory Council Finance Committee consisting of Avon, Randolph, Plainville, Brookline and Milton from the attached list of Advisory Council members. Please tell these finance committee representatives and your community advisory board representative who will vote on May 11, 2022 to vote to keep the high-level registry IT staff directly reporting onsite in place.

Common sense these days would mean that the Norfolk Registry of Deeds would retain its direct on-site reporting within the Registry’s IT staff registry budget. This registry IT service has existed at the Norfolk Registry of Deeds for over 35 years and is paid for by the Registry of Deeds.

Common sense would say why jeopardize the land records that authenticate the legal title to your home. Common sense would take note of all the fraud and cybersecurity risks in today’s world and keep the registry’s IT department as it is. Common sense would say that we use Deed Registry dedicated revenue to pay for these IT staff who have been key in the modernization initiatives implemented at the Norfolk Deed Registry.

Norfolk County Commissioners chose Plymouth and Bristol counties as “benchmarks” against which to compare Norfolk County. The deed registries of these counties have directly subordinate IT departments on site. This should logically mean that Norfolk Registry should keep its IT department on site. He does not have. Why not? If it was a fair and impartial process, the fact that the Plymouth and Bristol registries have on-site registry IT staff should have put an end to any debate that the Deeds Registry of the Norfolk County does not keep its IT department on site. Why should residents and taxpayers of Norfolk County get fewer services than residents of Plymouth and Bristol Counties?

Thank you for your attention to this very important issue. Any action you take is appreciated by all who use and rely on the operations and services of your Norfolk Registry of Deeds.


William P. O’Donnell

Norfolk Register of Deeds

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Toya J. Bell