More women are running for governor across the country

A record number of women are vying to win gubernatorial races in states across the country. Nine women are currently governors and more than two dozen are looking to break that record.

From Massachusetts and Oregon to Georgia and New York, this is a banner year for women in politics.

25 women are the party’s leading candidates in the gubernatorial races – a record for both Democrats and Republicans.

“We’re not used to seeing women in these leadership positions,” said Christina Reynolds, spokeswoman for Emily’s List, a Democratic-leaning political action committee. “So voters have to break through all sorts of unconscious barriers they might have.”

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19 states have never had a female governor. While 70 women have been the party’s leading candidates since 2006, compare that to the 350 men who had their names on the ballot.

“More and more women can run. More and more women can win,” said Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, the former lieutenant governor of Maryland. Townsend had his own bid for the state’s top job, but lost in 2002.

She says national issues, including the U.S. Supreme Court ruling on abortion rights, could motivate more potential candidates.

A record number of women are also competing in the gubernatorial races. In five states, the party’s top two candidates are women, including Michigan and Arizona.

“I think over the last few years we’ve seen women become more involved in politics because of the impact on their families,” said Tina Ramirez, spokeswoman for the political action committee at Trend. Republican Maggie’s List. “They want to have a say in the education of their children – making sure their children are taken care of, that they have an economic future.”

Advocates are pushing to give more women a fair chance.

“We still have these women breaking down barriers where they go somewhere no woman like them has ever been. We love the premiere. We should celebrate the premiere. We’re ready for the 38. Isn’t- Or we’re ready for the 29th, or wherever we stop counting,” Reynolds added.

In all, 13 women could be elected to represent their states in November…which would break the record. Throughout history, only 45 women have served as governors.

Toya J. Bell