Looking at the list of country albums, it looks like the genre is ready for Taylor Swift’s re-recorded material.

Immediately after Taylor Swift revealed that her new (old) single “Love Story (Taylor’s Version)” was on its way and then took to Twitter to share a post that also included the release date of her re-recorded version of her album. Intrepid-also to titrate Without fear (Taylor version)—More than a week ago, the singer-songwriter’s catalog has improved in every way. His songs are being streamed, fans are gearing up to get their hands on his upcoming reissues, and his already available feature films are selling very well.

Swift is having her best week on the charts for best country albums, BillboardWho’s list analyzes and ranks the best-selling feature films that match this country label, for quite some time, as three of its most successful launches all earn significantly on the tally.

His album Intrepid, the one everyone is talking about right now, is climbing the highest, and it’s almost back in the top 10, which is amazing for a set that has now been available for over a decade. The project, which helped her grow from being country music’s biggest new talent to a household name and serious hitmaker, rose from No.34 to No.14, leaping 20 positions in a frame.

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Intrepid will likely continue to perform well in all measurements over the next several weeks or even months, especially as the re-recorded intake declines.

The next step for Swift is Red, which straddled the line between country and pure electronically produced pop, helping him to switch between styles. This set goes from No.27 to No.20, re-entering the top 20 for the first time in some time.

The last of Swift’s three current tracks in this week’s Top Country Albums chart is Speak Now, which jumped 10 places, going from n ° 43 to n ° 33.

The musician’s debut effort is somewhat missing from the top country album charts this time around. Taylor Swift, which was a major country hit when it was first released in 2006. It is his only country feature to not return to the count this week, although he may pull off that feat in the footage to come.

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Toya J. Bell