Kane Brown’s ‘Like I Love Country Music’ Video Is Fun At Home

When Kane Brown described his next musical chapter as a “full country album,” he wasn’t kidding: His 2022 releases so far have been more mainstream than anything he’s released in recent years, and nowhere is that. is no longer true except in his new single, “Like I Love Country Music”.

Now Brown is giving his ’90s country-inspired boot stomper the proper visual treatment, which follows Brown as he pulls up in front of a honky-tonk in his pickup truck, then heads inside for a night out at playing pool, sipping whiskey and playing his new song to a rowdy two-step crowd.

Dressed in a cowboy hat and button-up vest with a leather jacket, Brown mimics the ’90s look and sound, and his lyrics emphasize that point: they name-check songs from legends like Alan Jackson, George Jones, Johnny Cash and June Carter, and even sample a classic Ronnie Dunn vocal from Brooks & Dunn’s hit “Brand New Man.”

Brown has yet to officially announce his next album, but he hinted that fans will hear it soon, repeatedly saying that the tracklist has been finalized and recorded. When it does, it will be his first feature film since quitting. Experience in 2018.

He also revealed that a track from the new album, titled ‘Mad at This World’, is a duet with his wife, Katelyn, who he describes as his “secret weapon” that he was waiting for the right time to unfold. “I took time with this album and I love every song on the album. My wife says it’s her favorite album I’ve ever made,” he notes.

See Kane Brown’s Luxurious Country Home

Kane Brown sold this Nashville-area home for $900,000 in October 2020. Before selling the home, he actually let Jason Aldean and his wife rent it while they built their new home.

Toya J. Bell