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There are quite a few new male artists working hard to make their mark in country music, but one of them has made it through: Jordan Davis.

Since the release of “Singles You Up” in mid-2017, the 33-year-old Louisiana native has become a fan and radio favorite, amassing more than two billion streams worldwide and scoring three consecutive number one singles. : “Slow Dance in a Parking”, “Take It From Me” and “Singles You Up”. He won Best New Country Artist at the iHeartRadio Music Awards in 2019 and was nominated for New Male Artist of the Year from the Academy of Country Music in 2020.

Today he is releasing his second album, an eight-song EP featuring “Almost Maybes,” his current top 10 single. The album also features a duet with Luke Bryan on the title track, “ Buy Dirt ”.

“We met four or five years ago, we’re on the same label, and we met at an after-party,” Davis says of Bryan. “But it was after a round of golf one day that I got to sit down and talk to him about anything but music. A lot of people know Luke as the “American Idol” guy and the country music star, but Luke really is a great guy, great dad, great husband and that’s what I wanted “Buy Dirt” to be. “

The lyrics of the song focus on what matters most in life – find the one you can’t live without, do what you love but call it work, send prayers and your roots deep. You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy dirt – lessons brought back to him during the pandemic.

“Buy Dirt” is the title of Jordan Davis’ latest album.

“My career was gone and a lot of things unfolded in the air, but the one thing that was constant through it all was my family, my friends, my faith,” he says. “And I just thought Luke would really resonate with that.

Although Davis didn’t win the golf tournament – “Luke definitely beat me that day, actually I don’t think there is anyone on this course who hasn’t beaten me that day.” -the. It’s safe to say I’m pretty good at a few other sports, but golf isn’t one of them ”- this has resulted in a duet that will undoubtedly be the next single on the album.

Davis has had success with collaborations in the past including “Cool Anymore” with pop singer Julia Michaels. “I’ve been a fan of her writing for a long time and right after meeting her I knew if there was a chance to do something together I want it to happen. Fortunately, Julia was in full swing.

Another strong contender to be a “Buy Dirt” single is “Need to Not,” a song about how a guy knows it’s wrong to fall back into an old relationship, but just can’t walk away. avoid.

Davis released this song not long ago and the response from fans has been encouraging. “We played our first two gigs a few weekends ago and to see that reaction we just haven’t had this in so long. We used to go out and work a little live on a song and watch the fans catch up to it. But now we’ve been on stage for so long that we’ve been going out and they already know these songs. So it’s a pretty cool place to be. “

The same goes for being on stage. Although Davis has yet to perform a full band show, he has started to return to perform live with an “acoustic stripped down” show. “It was really cool to come back to guitars and cocktails [drum] kits and put our feet back on the ground. During the pandemic, Davis used Zoom and social media to keep his music in mind. And while he admitted that it was difficult to “bring energy to a recorded music ensemble,” it was a way to stay connected with his fans.

Using music to reach people has been a goal of Davis from an early age. His family has a history in music – an uncle is a successful songwriter and his brother is also a country artist – but Davis also made sure he had a back-up plan in case that didn’t work. He graduated from Louisiana State University with a degree in environmental science before making the jump to Nashville to seek his big break.

“Music is something I’ve always loved, it was just for me to have the courage to move to Nashville and drive it out,” he says. “At the time, I was single and I said, ‘I’m going to kick myself if I don’t move to Nashville and try my luck.’ Has it been two or three years? At least I can say at the end: I gave it a chance and it didn’t work and I have this degree that I’m passionate about and I can come back to it and be happy too.

But it worked when he signed with Universal Music Group in 2016. Davis has skills both as a singer and songwriter. He actually co-wrote all of the previews for “Buy Dirt” except for the first song: “Blow Up Your TV” by John Prine. Although they never met, Prine had a great influence on Davis growing up and is one of his favorite songwriters. “I was probably 10 years old the first time I heard a John Prine song and haven’t stopped listening to it since. Unfortunately, we lost John during the pandemic and that was my way of saying thank you for the role he played in my music career. It’s one of my favorite songs and I thought it would be a good way to launch this EP which means a lot to me.

Songwriting continues to be close to Davis’ heart and while he also enjoys performing, if he had to choose he would likely choose writing over vocals, he says. “There’s nothing quite like going into a room with some of your best friends with absolutely nothing, talking for an hour and walking away a few hours later with a song. But getting on stage and singing these songs, watching them hook up and getting the fans to sing them back to you is pretty special too.

This fall, Davis can indulge his love of the spotlight by heading out on the road with Kane Brown on his “Blessed and Free Tour”. In the past he has toured with Old Dominion, Brett Young, Jake Owens and others.

Jordan davis

The Louisiana native landed three number one singles.

This time, however, he will leave a full house. He and his wife Kristen have an 18-month-old daughter, Eloise, and are expecting a son this fall.

“We’re pretty busy here,” he laughs, “with baby number two and I’m getting ready to hit the road full time, so I need to get a lot of things in order before September 2nd. here. But I wouldn’t trade it for the world. We just hope for a healthy baby and a healthy mom. It will be a happy Davis family.

In addition to his music, Davis became known for his dark, bushy beard. On the “Almost Maybes” video, he and former “Bachelorette” star Hannah Brown act out relationship scenes that didn’t work out. He also shows off a much smaller beard, which sparked a discussion on social media about whether Davis should go back to the long version or keep it short.

Davis gets a kick out of the whole issue. “I always felt like I had a really good beard, but it’s crazy to talk about so much facial hair as I have been in the past five years,” he says. “The last time I got a clean shaven was for a boyfriend’s wedding. I was at the wedding so I felt like I needed to clean myself up a bit. It was the last time I shaved with a razor, it was in 2015, that’s when I met my wife. So my wife met me when I didn’t have a beard and has never seen me without a beard since.

To keep his beard in good condition, he has it trimmed by a professional, uses a lot of beard oil and beard shampoo. “I never thought I would be a guy who used beard shampoo, but I do. It would blow your mind if you dive into all the beard accessories these days. It’s pretty wild, ”he says.

When it comes to his clothes, he says that before going into the music business he would go for “cowboy boots, jeans and just a t-shirt.” Now I’m really digging Double RL and all of my shirts are from Zara: these are my two favorites. And when the red carpets return after the pandemic, he will work with his Los Angeles-based stylist Evan Simonitsch to raise the stakes a bit.

“He makes it easy for me, he just sends stuff and says pick from these three looks. I love costumes and I love to dress up. I appreciate the price reductions for this reason. I feel like they always look crisp, are still very uncomfortable but look good in photos. “

As Davis prepares to promote his new album, popular songs from his debut album, including “Slow Dance in a Parking Lot,” feature a couple who can’t bear to call it a night, so stop by. a Walmart and swinging to an old Garth Brooks song.

Davis says the song was a biography of his co-author and friend Lonnie Fowler and his now wife. “It was their first date,” he says. “They went to a formal college, he had to leave early and on his way home he parked in a Walmart parking lot.”

But did Davis and his wife visit Walmart for a little slow dance? “After it came out as a single, I said to my wife, ‘so that I don’t be completely hypocritical, we have to dance in slow motion in a parking lot.’ So she and I danced slowly in a Target parking lot – a bit of a curve, but I think it still works.

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