In this country, an iPhone 14 can cost you more than $3,000

Apple iPhones have always been expensive. But the costs can get ridiculous if you buy one in Turkey, where the iPhone 14 starts at $1,699, about double the $799 you’ll pay in the US.

Nukeni, a global price comparison website for gadgets, looked at iPhone 14 costs in 37 countries, reports 9to5Mac(Opens in a new window). The list(Opens in a new window) shows Turkey with the highest iPhone 14 price across all models and memory sizes.

Apple Store website in Turkey (Credit: Apple)

For example, in Turkey, a 128GB iPhone 14 Pro costs $2,194, compared to $999 in the United States. Meanwhile, the 1TB iPhone 14 Pro Max can cost up to $3,136; it’s $1,599 in the US.

These prices will not surprise anyone in Turkey. For years, the country has imposed(Opens in a new window) exorbitant taxes on high-end electronics that can increase(Opens in a new window) the price of a product by more than 100%. The weakening Turkish currency and soaring inflation are not helping matters(Opens in a new window) on everyday goods.

Prices are so high that Turkey has overtaken Brazil for the most expensive country to buy Apple’s flagship phone, according to(Opens in a new window) at 9to5Mac. Like Turkey, Brazil also imposes high import taxes on electronics. As a result, the iPhone 14 starts at $1,473 domestically, compared to $799 in the US.

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According to Nukeni, the United States has the lowest iPhone 14 prices, but that’s before any sales tax is included. In Europe, Apple typically includes Value Added Tax (VAT) in the price of the iPhone, so comparisons aren’t always apples to apples. In the UK, the iPhone 14 starts at £849 ($984) at a time when the value of the euro has fallen against the dollar. In Sweden, the price gets even higher at 11,995 Swedish krona ($1,129.55) for a base iPhone 14 model.

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