Five new country albums you must listen to right now

Fans looking for new country music to listen to, look no further.

The past month has been an exciting time for country music fans with artists dropping new ventures left and right. While there are more than enough new albums and EPs to choose from, we’ve put together a list of those that just can’t be missed.

Here are five new country albums you must listen to right now.

Alana Springsteen; The story of the breakup

History of breaking up (part one) – Alana Springsteen

Alana Springsteen gets raw and real with fans in her new EP, History of the rupture (first part), as she delves into the depths of all things love and heartbreak. Written with Walker Hayes, Jerry Flowers, Jared Ray Keim, Tyler Filmore, and Andrew DeRoberts, the project is packed with talent.

“Writing these songs has helped me discover and understand pieces of myself in ways that I was unprepared for, and I am so grateful to the songwriters, producers and creators who have taught me. helped bring those moments in my story to life. This EP is the ‘first part’ of my journey and I can only hope that there are others, whatever their stage of self-discovery, that are also found in these songs, ”explained Springsteen. .

Stream the EP here.

Ashland Crafts;  Type of trip
Ashland Crafts; Type of trip

Type of trip – Ashland Crafts

Big Loud Records’ firecracker Ashland Craft takes listeners on an adventure as his debut album tracks his journey to Nashville and all the tour stops, truck stops and heartache that followed.

TYPE OF TRIP feels like the start of a whole new adventure. It’s a heartfelt, open-ended tracklist (written with some of my best friends), which takes you through all the ups and downs that come with the journey of life, ”explained Craft. “I wanted it to be grounded but carefree and a little flawed – which I feel like Jonathan Singleton captured perfectly during the production of my debut album. My dreams are coming true and I can’t wait to hear the songs the fans resonate with! ”

Stream the album here.

Album cover
Cover of Laine Hardy’s “Heres To Anybody” album

Here’s to anyone – Hardy wool

Rising country artist and American Idol winner Laine Hardy released his debut album last week, with songs that work to relate not to just one audience, but to all listeners.

The 11-track project includes tracks co-written by Hardy as well as some of Nashville’s greatest songwriters, including Josh Miller, Matt Jenkins, Tim Nichols and many more.

“This album is for the lineman who stops to ‘grab some night caterpillars and a cold drink’ to cast a line on the shore before heading home. This album is aimed at the plumber who is always ready to talk “college football or white tails or bird dogs” to any stranger who listens. It’s for blue collar workers, George Jones who loves to point and go to the river, peanuts in a coke or for “anyone who knows that,” Hardy explained.

Stream the album here.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson;  Slot machine syndrome
Caleb Lee Hutchinson; Slot machine syndrome

Slot machine syndrome – Caleb Lee Hutchinson

Nashville-based singer / songwriter Caleb Lee Hutchinson begins a new chapter in his career with the release of his second EP, Slot machine syndrome.

The EP shows listeners another side of Hutchinson, one that is grittier, more southerly and more true to himself than the singer has ever felt in his music.

“A lot of people have known me as this kid ever since I graduated from high school and was just trying to figure out what to do with my life,” Hutchinson said in an interview with Large open country. “I think what’s most important to me is just that I make music that I believe in and that allows me to live in this world. [of country music]. The most important thing for me is to be known for that.

Stream the EP here.

Lauren Alaina;  Sitting enough on top of the world
Lauren Alaina; Sitting enough on top of the world

Sitting enough on top of the world – Lauren Alaina

Multi-platinum country artist Lauren Alaina has released her third full-length album which shares the singer’s vulnerable struggle with sanity and self-esteem.

“I had some pretty big life changing events… and I was the girl with the bigger personality, but I also really struggled with depression,” she says. “The last few years have been a time of more in-depth discussion about mental health, which is why I named the project that – so I can share this story and the title ‘Sitting Pretty on Top of the World’ is right. a really stimulating title. “

The album was co-written with award-winning songwriters such as Liz Rose, Lori McKenna, Hillary Lindsey, Emily Weisband, David Garcia, Ben Johnson and many more.

Stream the album here.

Toya J. Bell