EQUAL Italian Ambassador of the Month Annalisa on the gender gap in her country’s music – Spotify

As Spotify’s EQUAL Ambassador of the Month, Italian singer-songwriter Annalisa is ready to support, inspire and empower her fellow female artists in Italy and around the world. In fact, the popular artist recently joined a panel at Milano Music Week 2021 where she discussed the importance of bridging the gender gap in the Italian music scene.

The panel, which included music industry leaders such as Federica Tremolada, Managing Director Southern and Eastern Europe at Spotify — responded to a recent report presented by Spotify Italy that assessed gender disparities in the country. Spotify’s research found that women make up only 14% of the total number of artists in Italy’s official music charts, and that for four male artists, there is only one female artist. “There is still a lot to do in the music industry,” Annalisa said. “The work of a woman artist is difficult and laborious. But the more we talk about these issues, the more we progress for the future. “

Enzo Mazza, Federica Tremolada, Annalisa, Dario Giovannini and Francesca Delogu at Milano Music Week

Annalisa’s hard work and leadership earned her a spot in Spotify EQUAL World Music Program, an ongoing effort to address gender disparities in the music industry globally. the EQUAL campaign expands resources and generates more opportunities for female artists by creating a comprehensive, cohesive and branded experience.

One promising idea from the study is that over the past four years, the gender gap has started to narrow among artists under 30 thanks to streaming. This change helps fuel Annalisa. “The new generations are showing that the gender differences in the music industry are diminishing, but there is still a long way to go,” the pop star shared. “My goal is primarily for this generation.”

Annalisa at Milan Music Week

“I would like to remind all EQUAL artists that they are part of a story and that what they do today will be essential and relevant to all who follow in their footsteps,” she added.

For registration invited the decorated performer to fill in the blanks on the artists who inspire him and his hopes for the future of the music industry.

The artists who inspired me the most are ____.

Definitively Dua Lipa, Rihanna, and Halsey, but also many great women of the international music scene such as Björk and Joni mitchell.

One piece of advice I would give to other female artists is ____.

I think the most important thing in the music industry is how you cultivate your talent. You have to study, listen to other artists, and absorb all the types of inspiration you need to focus on your own style.

A highlight of my career so far is ____.

The moment I wrote one of my most important songs “Il mondo prima di te“- I suddenly felt that this could be a big step forward in my career.

My creative process consists of ____.

I try to share things that I can only explain through music. Sometimes words are not enough and the music is the part that completes a story.

One way I would like to see greater gender equity in the music industry is ____.

See the end of judgments about a person’s physical appearance.

A promising female artist that I look forward to seeing is ____.

I am excited about the rise of Olivia rodrigo. I love her so much, and I’m curious to see what she can do in the future.

My girl-power anthem right now is ____.

Rule the world girls)” through Beyonce.

Stream Spotify’s EQUAL Global playlist below to continue amplifying Annalisa and musicians around the world:

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