Embrace the beauty of Heartbreak with Gracie Jean’s debut album “Romance Is Bad”

Listeners will discover the true essence of grief in the Australian alt-country/folk artist At Gracie Jean’s first album, “Romance Is Bad”a roller coaster of emotions.

Alt-country is a musical genre that never ceases to excite me. I have always found peace and been relaxed in this genre, so over time it has become one of the most streamed categories of music that I enjoy and listen to. A few days ago, I had the opportunity to listen to an upcoming album called “Romance Is Bad” by a very talented artist, Grace Jean. I’ve heard people say that sadness is addictive, which may be true because ever since I first listened to it, I couldn’t help but listen to it again and again. Again.

The album has a total of 9 tracks that took me through an emotional roller coaster and I consider it the ultimate ‘sad girl starter kit’. In no time, the album became one of my comforting musical pieces. The artist, Grace Jean showed an irreplaceable artistry that makes it easy for audiences to compare her to other country music icons like Kacey Musgraves, Taylor Swift, and more. The scrapbook, “Romance Is Bad” It’s about embracing human emotions, because we tend to always ignore feelings and focus on living the perfect life. The artist showcased her outstanding talent as an incredible storyteller and songwriter in the tracks of the album which perfectly reflects the artist’s vulnerability.

The lyrics are ideally complemented by the composition and singing of each of these 9 titles. The vocals are haunting and the tunes are praiseworthy, which made me addicted to expressing the talent. The album is out on September 16, 2022. There are other singles like ‘I don’t wanna sing blues no more‘, ‘Overcome‘, and ‘little mountain house‘ which are available on Spotifyand Apple Music. Follow the artist on instagram, Facebook, Youtubeand Wix to get the latest updates.

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Toya J. Bell