Dare to dream: Ellie, a resident of Milestone, “boosted” by country music

Courtesy of Milestone Senior Living

TOMAHAWK – Ms. Ellie recently turned 94 and she’s doing well.

Ellie grew up in Ashland on a farm where she was the second child of 16. She had to leave home and live with another family in town, where she worked for them to cover room and board, so she could finish high school. She has wit, is a wonderful soul, and always wears an infectious smile.

Her family said they loved entertaining. Country music literally “energizes” her, whether she sings, stomps or dances.

His daughter asked if she could hire Mark Wayne and his steel guitar to come to Milestone for entertainment. It was a Dare to Dream, as we had no live entertainment during COVID.

Ellie appeared in a shimmering gold jacket and makeup with her curly hair and dancing shoes. There wasn’t an empty seat in the dining room, and tenants said they could have listened to Mark entertain with country music all day. Mark has such charisma and was performing for the audience while honoring Ellie.

Ellie was smiling all the time, as you could see in her eyes. It was a great experience for all. Towards the end, Chris asked his mother to dance to the Tennessee Waltz. There wasn’t a dry eye in the crowd as it brought the ‘old’ Ellie we know to the dance floor. Even Ellie had a tear.

After the music, we enjoyed the infamous “family” poppyseed cake and chocolate dipped strawberries.

It was literally a balmy afternoon, and what a great dare to dream.

Photo courtesy of Milestone Senior Living.

Toya J. Bell