Dagenham and Islington guilty after Grineo Daka shooting


An armed man who shot dead an unarmed man in a pool hall has been convicted of murder.

Krasniqi token from Kershaw Road, Dagenham, shot Grineo Daka, a 27-year-old barber from Stratford, inside the Phoenix Snooker Club in Leyton in the early hours of July 7, 2019.

An accomplice, Edison Brahimi of Camden Road, Islington, helped him escape afterwards.

Edison Brahimi was convicted of two counts of misuse of the course of justice at Old Bailey.
– Credit: CPS

Samantha Yelland, senior prosecutor for the Crown Prosecution Service, said: “It was a senseless and brazen murder in the middle of a pool hall filled with more than 50 people.

“Gun violence in the capital devastated another family.”

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The night before his murder Mr Daka, who worked at Celebrity Barbers in Manor Park, was involved in an argument at the same club over a girl.

In this argument, one of the group members was hit with a bottle.

The next night, after receiving a phone call, Mr. Daka and a friend returned to the scene to talk about it – but around 3 a.m. they were attacked and billiard balls were thrown.

Mr. Daka was then shot and killed once and his 21-year-old friend was shot and killed before the attackers fled. Two other bullets were also found inside the club.

Paramedics were unable to save Mr. Daka, who died at the scene. The friend was taken to hospital where the bullet was removed.

Krasniqi, 27, was convicted of murder and intentional bodily harm following a trial at Old Bailey that ended on Tuesday, May 25.

Brahimi, who was with Krasniqi at the time of the attack, tried to make sure their tracks were covered by pulling them away from the club.

The 30-year-old also stayed away from home in an attempt to defeat the police investigation. He was also convicted at the same trial on two counts of misuse of the course of justice.

The prosecution’s case included CCTV footage showing Krasniqi throwing the weapon used in the murder onto a balcony before fleeing.

the murder weapon

Krasniqi threw the murder weapon onto a balcony before fleeing.
– Credit: CPS

Police were able to recover the murder weapon two yards away. A search of the club also led to the discovery of a bottle of Corona beer with Brahimi’s fingerprints on it – proving he had been to billiards.

A third defendant, Liridon Saliuka, 29, was charged with murder and was due to stand trial, but died in prison before the case went to court.

Ms Yelland said: “Our thoughts at this time remain with the family and friends of Mr. Daka.”

Detective Inspector Mark Wrigley of Specialist Crime Command said: “Grineo Daka was lured into the pool club that night, before his life was caught in an act of reckless violence; today we saw the responsible man convicted of his murder.

“Krasniqi went to the club 24 hours after an argument in order to get revenge, making sure a friend of his brought a gun with him. The club numbered around 50 people that night, and it was only by sheer luck that more people were not injured or killed. The two additional discharged bullets that were recovered by our forensic team could have easily hit other people.

“Krasniqi’s intention that night is quite obvious. He wore gloves on a summer night; obviously he was hoping to prevent his fingerprints from being found on the murder weapon. However, unbeknownst to him, his movements after the murder were captured on CCTV. “

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