Country Star confirms engagement to longtime boyfriend

Congratulations to country singer Kassi Ashton and his longtime partner Travis Myatt. According to PEOPLE, The couple announced their engagement on Monday. Myatt made sure the proposal was special for Ashton, as he proposed at the same place where they first met.

Ashton told her Instagram followers that Myatt proposed to her after dating for five years. The couple were in the middle of a trip to Key West, Florida, which also happens to be the city where they first met. Myatt made the moment even more special by proposing at the exact spot where they first laid eyes, as Ashton wrote: “On the pier where we met, with a hand-written statement and our family secretly waiting on the beach. It’s almost as if you and fate planned this all along. Love you so much @jtmyatt.”

“He surprised me with this trip, my dream ring, my dream antique ring box and my dream photographer, @ktcrabbphoto,” Ashton continued. “I asked him how I should pay him back and he said ‘marry me’.” On his own Instagram account, Myatt shared the news posting a close-up of Ashton’s new bling. Alongside the glamorous photo, he wrote, “I was in love with her before she knew my name…now she’s taking my last name.”

A few days after sharing the news, Ashton posted a follow-up message on Instagram to his followers. In the clichés, she and Myatt pose for the camera as she shows off her new piece of jewelry. The singer thanked everyone who wished the couple well upon hearing the good news, writing, “We are so happy and you are all so sweet! Thank you for all the kind messages over the past two days.”

Ashton and Myatt’s relationship has been solid for some time. Coincidentally, a month before Myatt asked the question, Ashton spoke to PEOPLE about how their relationship went. She only had nice things to say about her significant other, who she noted already had her family’s approval. Ashton said: “He’s the most supportive and open-minded person I know. I’ve been so in love with him our whole relationship. He understands that sometimes I have to wait for that next move in life. until my career caught up with me. He never pushes me to think differently. Besides, my grandma loves him.”

Toya J. Bell