Country star Clint Black to perform at Mount Vernon on Thursday

Country singer Clint Black debuted in 1989 and had his biggest hits at the time – songs such as “Kill timeand “A Better Man”.

He has since kept busy and juggles these days with two different sets of concert tours a year, including an appearance on Thursday the 15tht the Knox Memorial Theater in Mount Vernon.

Some of her shows are part of “Mostly Hits and the Mrs.” tour, which also includes his wife, actor and singer Lisa Hartman Blackand her daughter, Lily Pearl Black.

The Mount Vernon show is part of his solo tour. It’s intimate and stripped down, rather than an elaborate production.

“I’m rolling up my sleeves. This is my wardrobe change,” said Black, 60, speaking by phone from his home in Nashville, Tennessee.

In addition to singing, Black will play guitar and harmonica. He will be accompanied by the guitarist and bassist who have accompanied him since the beginning, as well as a “super drummer”, a “fantastic keyboardist” and “a guy who plays the violin, the dobro, the lap steel and guitar.

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“We have several arrangements where the band can really show off,” Black said. “And in more intimate places, I talk a little more, usually for fun. We have a lot of laughs in the show.

Clint Black: A man of many talents

Black is active in shaping his music and the show. Most of the show’s numbers are performed in front of video sets created by the singer himself.

“In 1994, I started making my music videos. I’ve learned a lot over the years from great video producers. I would always find a cure, and my producer would budget for it and say, Yeah, that’s gonna cost you a million dollars. I had to learn how to cut my expenses and make affordable videos. So I bought a camera and started shooting stuff. But I wasn’t an editor until I started making these stage videos. I hired a few guys who came to show me how to use the software. I’ve learned a lot over the past three or four years. I could hire people to do that kind of stuff, but then I’d just come and look over their shoulder and say, ‘Is that too much fire?’ ‘And the rain?’ I can not help myself. I love creative stuff.

Along with making videos during the COVID lockdown, Black has also released a new album, 2020’s “Out of Sane.”

In 2021, he began hosting a talk show on the Circle country music television network. “Talking in Circles” features extensive interviews with stars such as Vince Gill, Darius Rucker, Gary LeVox, Joe Bonamassa, Amy Grant, Brad Paisley and more. He just finished recording the show’s third season.

“The network has been really encouraging about it,” he said. “I can go into the weeds and talk about anything I want to talk about with Joe Bonamassa or Dennis Quaid or whoever it is. There’s no pressure to be like any other talk show. People who have been on the show, who may have been an acquaintance, or who I may have met once briefly, we became friends. And talking to other songwriters about how they do it just gives me another way to look at songwriting. There are so many ways to make a career, especially now.

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In his spare time, he also started a coffee business, aiming to sell freshly ground coffee online.

“A friend of mine was helping me make coffee and send it to my family and friends for Christmas. He said, ‘You have a perfect name to work in the cafe.’ He thinks ‘Clint Black Coffee.’ (Black eventually settled on Clint Black Cowboy Coffee as a name.) I have a mom and dad we found in Texas who roast it for me as it goes. it’s probably been roasted three weeks when you get it.I like that I can squeeze the bag and smell like it’s just been roasted.

In comparison to all the COVID projects, getting back on the road on tour seems easy.

“Now we say,” Black joked, “we need to get out on the road to rest.”

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In one look

Clint Black will perform at 8 p.m. on Thursday the 15th at the Knox Memorial Theatre, 112 E. High St., Mount Vernon. Tickets start at $58. (

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