Country Roads is a Devil’s Song – Pitt Players Talk WVU

PITTSBURGH (93.7 The Fan) – Many current Pitt players have little or no clue about the Backyard Brawl. Most of them were in primary school.

They’ve had a crash course over the past few days, weeks and months and here’s what the Panthers are saying.

Junior Security Brandon Hill

“It’s one of the games you dream of.
It’s one of the games you save on TV if you can’t see it. Just being part of one of these games is just insane.

Junior Linebacker SirVocea Dennis

“Certainly, that’s why you play football, games like this. Once we put the Pitt script on our helmets, the ones they say we don’t like. We do not like. It is not at all difficult to generate this hatred. Once we’re between those lines, we’re good to go, whoever it is. If it’s a rivalry game, we get even more fired up.

” It’s a big problem. The atmosphere of this game is going to be wild, we understand that. We know what it’s going to be, we think it’s going to be another level.

Senior Corner Marquis Williams

“We can’t wait. We talked about it all summer. Everyone has this circled game. We need our respect. Even though we won an ACC championship last year, we don’t feel the respect is there. We want our respect.”

“We’ve learned a lot lately how much they hate us, we hate them too. We’re going to see them on September 1 and we’re closing the doors to them.

MJ Devonshire Junior Corner

“September 1 is going to be the craziest game you’ve ever played. I know the fans are going to go back and forth. There will probably be fights somewhere in the crowd or outside. I hope this doesn’t involve my parents.

“I know the fans are crazy about this game. I feel like the energy will be there, two great teams getting into it.

Senior Defensive Lineman Tyler Bentley

“We need to let them know that just because we’re Pitt doesn’t mean we’re suckers. We recognize the football they play there. We’re here to show Pittsburgh’s way of doing it.

Senior receiver Jared Wayne

“A lot of hate. As a gamer, we treat each game like the game, but it definitely has a special atmosphere. We developed some of that hatred.

John Morgan Senior Defensive Lineman

“They’re pounding our heads saying it’s a big game, don’t take it lightly. They hate you. We hate them.

Habakkuk Baldonado Senior Defensive Lineman

“I didn’t know much until this year. I had to learn fast, all the tweets, all the stories. It has a lot of history as a great rivalry, I’m excited to play it.

Junior linebacker Bangally Kamara

“I’m from Ohio, that rivalry isn’t the thing there. What I learned was a very deep rivalry between West Virginia and Pittsburgh. There is a lot of hatred between these two teams. We understand it’s a big game, we have to focus on the x’s and the o’s and execute.

“Great players played in this game – LeSean McCoy, Darrelle Revis and we want to make our own mark. We want people to watch the Backyard Brawl in 2022 and say we want to do it.”

Senior defensive back AJ Woods

“They preached to us a lot the last time they came here how much the fans hate us and how much our fans hate them. We play their song (“Country Roads” by John Denver) in our weight room to motivate us. It will be a dogfight there.

Senior Security Eric Hallet

“I’m not going to lie, before I knew it was the West Virginia song, I liked it. This song is (now) like a devil’s song.”

These games are what built the popularity of college football. Pitt’s players know now. Enjoy the game. Kick off at 7pm on 93.7 The Fan.

Toya J. Bell