CLT Airport Ranked #2 in the Nation for Largest Airfare Increase in First Part of 2022

CHARLOTTE, NC (WBTV) — People departing from Charlotte Douglas International Airport this year have seen a steep rise in flight prices.

This familiar fact to travelers is now backed up by data from Smart Asset which has ranked Charlotte Douglas as the second largest airport in the country with the highest increase in airfares.

Fintech Fire analyzed data from 100 airports across the country to build this list. Smart Asset looked at the average flight costs, percentage price increase, and dollar amount for 2021 versus 2022.

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Passengers departing Charlotte Douglas during the first quarter paid an average of $382 for their flight.

Year-over-year, that’s an increase of more than 36%, leaving passengers to pay $102 more.

Charlotte’s Vigal Chokshi said: “I can feel it every time I book a ticket, things are really volatile and it’s really frustrating that prices are doubling from last year.”

Nationally, the average airfare rose 26%, with flights costing $328.

It’s $54 cheaper than Charlotte, one of the reasons it’s ranked second on the list.

Susannah Snider, editor of Financial Education for SmartAsset, said: “This is a list where you don’t want to see your home airport in the top 10 and unfortunately for the people of Charlotte, their airport l ‘did.”

Chokshi added, “we definitely had to cut back on our vacation,”

Experts say there are a few reasons for this increase nationwide.

Rising fuel costs, increased flight demand and staffing issues.

Ethan Klapper, senior aviation reporter for The Points Guy, said: ‘When you have that they have to pass it on to consumers and it has become very expensive to fly.

Locally in Charlotte, these points still apply, but American Airlines has a lot to do with it.

“American Airlines rather uniquely controls 90% of the capacity at Charlotte Douglas Airport and that gives American Airlines a lot of pricing power,” Klapper said.

WBTV contacted American Airlines about the Charlotte data and the airline replied, “American’s fares from Charlotte (CLT) are market competitive. Unfortunately, we cannot comment on future pricing plans for specific markets or routes. »

Snider said: “I would look at a nearby regional airport if the drive isn’t too difficult, there are two airports in your area that are smaller and regional and don’t rank as high.”

SmartAsset tells WBTV that Raleigh-Durham International Airport ranked 46th on the list and Piedmont Triad International Airport ranked 59th.

If you’re not willing to travel far from Charlotte, Concord Padgett Regional Airport, just north of Charlotte, offers cheaper flights to several Florida cities as an alternate flight option.

Chokshi said, “we don’t know when is the right time to book, flights fluctuate more than the stock market.”

SmartAsset offered this advice to travelers trying to find the best deals.

“The first would be to think about flying mid-week, so Tuesdays or Wednesdays will be better price-wise than a weekend, the second thing would be those unpopular times, early in the morning or the last flight of the night” , said Sniper.

Travel experts from ‘The Points Guys’ tell me that fall should be a cheaper season for people traveling with naturally lower demand and falling fuel costs nationwide.

As for prices in Charlotte, experts say they don’t expect a drastic drop with American Airlines controlling most flights.

Toya J. Bell