CHS Cross Country moves to Eastern League: Summer training starts now

Every few years, the 23 schools in the San Diego City Conference reorganize into three leagues: City, Eastern, and Western. Although divisions are based on power and not enrollment, smaller schools usually belong to the City League and larger ones to the Western League. Until 2015, we were in the City League (also called Harbor and Central League from time to time), and we were the perennial champions of the League. In 2016, we moved to the Eastern League, where we won the boys’ and girls’ championships. The following year we moved to the Western League, where we remained until 2021. This fall we will be back in the Eastern League with Clairemont, Crawford, High Tech High (SD) , La Jolla, PLO/Saints and San Diego. I think we will be very competitive with this group.

For any Islander planning to run cross country this fall, now is the time to start training. This summer we will meet a few times a week for training, with schedules on the days we don’t meet. To join our cross-country contact list, visit our website at IslanderTrack.Com and complete the online contact form. Cross country championships are won in the summer, not the fall.

Here is a photo link with years of Islander Cross Country fun.

Team Shot on the Del Beach: Cross Country Training takes place at various locations in Coronado and San Diego. In this photo from the last time we were in the Eastern League, you can see many track and CC school record holders

Toya J. Bell