Ariana Molkara debuts her charming country-pop track “Birdies Gotta Fly”

Exceptional talent Ariana Molkara debuts his captivating musical concoction of the country-pop genre in “Birds Must Fly”released on June 3, 2022.

As a 19-year-old musician, she gathered maturity and musical brilliance with her debut song The birds must fly. The emerging artist Ariana Molkara is ready to fly high with her mesmerizing musical accent. The addictive nature of his song makes the world aware of his supreme puns and levitating musical offering. She’s young and she knows the best way to deliver a grooving number. She is a singer-songwriter and actress delivering her first song to all music streaming platforms on June 3, 2022. The heartbreaking lyrics of this song have a bittersweet flavor. With this song, she delivered a letter of gratitude from a child to all adults as the child is ready to leave the nest.

This song is a tribute to her loving parents and guardians around the world who are about to bid their “birdie” children farewell to higher education and careers. Ariana Molkara chose some striking words of wisdom in its musical incorporation. Sentimental narrations found gravitas in her cool voice. And obviously, this song will also have a broad musical contribution to the music society with its merit. She has been a familiar face in various feature films and shows on ABC, CBS, DISNEY and NICKELODEON. And she always cultivated her musical form even when she had a busy schedule. “Birds Must Fly” will be available on SoundCloud and Youtubeand also follow his musical journey on Facebook, instagramand Twitter.

Check it out on Soundcloud:

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