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American Idol winners Laine Hardy and Scotty McCreery both released new albums on September 17th. There are so many similarities between the songs of these country crooners. It might not be a huge surprise. Their journey into the limelight began in exactly the same way.

Scotty won season 10 of American Idol in 2011. Her deep and rich voice was a hit with all the judges and fans of the series. He released four albums in addition to his last one, Same truck. The North Carolina native has made four headlining tours since joining the series. He is certainly one of the biggest stars in country to make a name for himself when the series airs on Fox.

Laine just made his debut in the music business after winning Season 17 of American Idol in 2019. During the pandemic, Laine took a virtual tour to prepare for the release of his album. His humble personality and authentic sound led him to become quite a mainstream audience. How does his new album compare to Scotty’s?

“Here’s to anyone” is Laine Hardy’s love letter to Louisiana

Laine’s first album, Here’s to anyone, was released under Buena Vista Records and 19 Recordings. It is a love letter to life in Louisiana. “Here’s to Any” is also the name of one of the songs. It’s basically a textbook about being a country boy. This song has potential but won’t be the best selling album on the album.

“For a girl” is one of the highlights of Ours. It sounds like a mix of country and pop. It doesn’t have the same impact as “Memorize You”, but it’s still very catchy. “Memorize You” got by far the most promotion and buzz of all songs on Laine and Scotty’s albums combined. “Authentic” is just behind.

One song that should make more noise is “Let There Be Country”. It is the country anthem which could have an arena of dancing people. I can imagine this song performed at country awards shows or used as the soundtrack for videos on TikTok. Many country fans will probably identify with this song. The crochet is simple, memorable, and looks like something Luke Bryan would sing about.

“Other LA” is funky like some of its predecessors American Idol performances. I think it’s one of the most forgettable songs on the album. The feeling behind the song is great because Laine is about going from Louisiana to Los Angeles and back again. “Ground I Grew Up On” has the same hometown feel.

“Tiny Town” is also dedicated to being a small town boy and missing him after being successful. The song is about simple pleasures in life like going fishing and watching football. “California Won’t” and “One of These” sound the same and I hit the jump button during both.

Scotty McCreery’s “Same Truck” album is full of ballads

Same truck was released under Triple Tigers and Warner Chappell Music. It was discontinued by Universal Records in 2015 while Laine is still working with American Idol’s label. This could be part of the reason why Scotty’s album shows a whole new side of him.

If I didn’t know better, the way “Why You Gotta Be Like That” begins, I would think it’s a pop song. It’s a traditional love song. He swings the lower register of his voice in this song. The lyrics are very simple, but country music comes down to three chords and the truth. All tracks on Same truck deliver just that.

“Small Town Girl” is a dancing love song about his wife, Gabi. You might want to add this one to your country playlist. It’s more upbeat and fun. “Same Truck” is also about love … for a truck. The feeling behind the song is obviously that nothing compares to being in the countryside in your truck.

“You Time” came out months before the album. This song is the album’s banger and the one I found myself jerking my head on. “That Kind of Fire” has a great narrative. I think Scotty’s voice shines the most in this song. We see him use his range, sing the lyrics, and hold notes for a long time. On the other hand, “It Matters To Her” falls short. This is the trail you might want to skip.

“Damn Strait” is a slower ballad compared to some of the other upbeat songs. Laine’s album is missing one. Scotty’s album contains a few of them. “Carolina To Me” is a tribute to North Carolina and compares it to paradise. It’s a very moving and honest take. “The Waiter”, “It’ll Grow on Ya”, “Home” and “How Ya Doin ‘Up There” are all slower songs.

The two singers have big fall plans

I was a little worried that Laine’s album wouldn’t live up to Scotty’s. I was ready to blame American Idol and the label so as not to be more calculated with the release of the album. But honestly, Laine’s album has the most memorable songs. Scotty definitely has the best voice. Both are good at telling stories and painting pictures of their hometowns.

Laine has proven that he can compete with the best dogs. He is currently on the Monster Energy Outbreak Tour. Other dates have been added to keep it on the road until the end of November. He just made his Grand Ole Opry debut and has shared songs from Ours at Blake Shelton’s Ole Red Room.

Scotty has just joined the C2C festival in Europe scheduled for March 22. He will be joined by country superstars Darius Rucker, Miranda Lambert and Luke Combs. He also has to come tour dates until mid-November. Some of the songs from Same truck have already landed on the iTunes Top 200 Country Music Songs chart and the Top 40 US Country Songs chart. The album currently sits at the top of the iTunes Top 100 Country Albums chart.

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