Amanda Mazey on working with ESPN+, Country Roads Trust | Sports

Amanda Mazey, who is married to WVU baseball coach Randy Mazey, is heavily involved with West Virginia Mountaineers athletics as a supporting reporter for WVU games on ESPN+, co-host of Mountaineer gameday and director of the social commitment for the collective NIL Country Roads Confiance.

Mazey, a lifelong sports fan, got her start in sports media at East Carolina University, where she was the newspaper’s sports editor as well as a sports host at the radio station. She eventually transitioned to television as a sports anchor for NBC affiliate WITN in Greenville, North Carolina. She then worked for the Mountain West Network covering TCU Athletics and now in West Virginia works as a sideline reporter for ESPN+ and co-hosts the Mountaineer game day.

Mazey praised ESPN+ for making games more accessible to fans and giving schools and students great opportunities.

“It definitely opened up a whole new avenue of all kinds of different sports for everyone,” Mazey said. “And that’s a good thing because it also gives schools that would never have made the prime-time cable network or ESPN a chance to showcase not just their sports program, but also their academics and who they are. It also opens up the possibility for students to be able to work on these games.

Mazey also spoke about the challenges for someone working in sports media.

“Just make sure you have the correct information from the right sources,” Mazey said. “When you’re a credible person on TV, you better make sure you have the correct information from the right sources.”

Mazey said that while checking sources has always been part of the job, it’s even more of a challenge now.

“So I think that’s always been a challenge in this business,” Mazey said. “But I think more now, it’s an even bigger challenge because anybody can say they’re a sports journalist and go put a phone in front of somebody and post something and you don’t know if it’s is legit or not.”

Mazey said his favorite part of his job was interacting with players and getting to know them.

“Most fans just see them on the court, on the court and who they are sporting,” Mazey said. “I always like to dive into who they are as a person.”

Mazey has also recently become involved with Country Roads Trust, the WVU NIL collective. Oliver Luck recruited her to deal exclusively with social networks.

As for NIL, Mazey praised the fans, saying they gave West Virginia an advantage she thinks is important.

“You know, there’s a huge alumni base in West Virginia and the fans are extremely passionate. I mean, you have people in this state who haven’t even been to West Virginia and they love it. and they’re very passionate. Mazey said, “But it was really important to be able to show the Mountaineer fans and the whole nation that West Virginia is in this game.”

There are more media opportunities for students than before, especially at WVU. Mazey offered his advice to students who want to pursue a career in sports media or media in general.

“Just get as much experience as you can,” Mazey said. “I know this kind of cliche sounds cliche, but keep working hard because there are so many other opportunities that didn’t exist when I was in college and take advantage of them.”

Toya J. Bell