20 secrets about the people living below the Las Vegas Strip


Las Vegas is a city of glitz and glamor. The city is known for its twinkling lights, world-class shows, gambling, and nightlife, which draw people from all over the world. It is a one-of-a-kind destination.

However, there is a dark side to Sin City. During the 2008 financial crisis, the region was hit hard. Thousands of people have lost their jobs and the homeless population has exploded. Many have struggled to return to the life they once had. So, they do whatever they need to do to survive in the harsh desert climate.

20 Hundreds of people live under the Las Vegas Strip

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Nearly a thousand people live under the Las Vegas Strip in tunnels that run through the city. They are accessible through dozens of entry points throughout the city. The image above shows how easy it is to locate these tunnels, which tourists pass directly through.

19 You can’t see them but they can see you

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Moles as people call them live under some of the most popular hotels and casinos on the Strip. If you are visiting the city, it is not unlikely that you will walk right above them without even realizing that they are there. They can see you, however.

18 The tunnels are in fact storm sewers

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The wells that house the hundreds of homeless people are known as “tunnels”, but they are hazardous storm sewers. Fortunately, torrential downpours in the desert city are not frequent. However, the people who live there risk their lives being there when it rains.

17 Many are players who have lost their chance

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People come to Las Vegas with high hopes of winning big. Unfortunately, this does not happen often. Some people living underground take whatever they win at the casino, desperately trying to get out of their dire situation only to end up back where they started.

16 Some people struggle with other issues

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Some people living in the tunnels are fleeing things in their past. Or, they’re trying to escape something. They went to town to escape. Then they end up going underground to make sure they aren’t found by the things they’re running from.

15 People in the tunnel could lose everything they own when it rains

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When it rains, it is not uncommon for everything in storm sewer homes to be washed away. Sometimes people find their possessions. Other times, the water sweeps away their things so far that they are never able to retrieve them, which is tragic for people who have so little.

14 They use carts to bring things to their underground homes

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Shopping carts and even baby strollers come in handy when you live in tunnels. Navigating the pits in the dark is not easy. So residents bring the things they buy or find using whatever they can find that has wheels.

13 Tunnel dwellers create makeshift apartments

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The people who live here are quite creative. They usually make the most of their living situation by installing apartments with a bed, shelves, and even battery-powered lights. It is only a matter of time before they figure out how to get electricity and other amenities.

12 There are pregnant women and children underground

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Unfortunately, adults aren’t the only ones living in the tunnels. Some pregnant women and families live there. The photo above shows workers trying to help a woman who is about to give birth to receive medical treatment for herself and her unborn child.

11 Some people are just there temporarily

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Not everyone intends to be in the tunnels for a long time. Most of the people there only plan to stay a little while waiting to get paid or find a job. So they sleep on a blanket until they find a place to go.

ten Movie star Jenni Lee lives there

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Some people have been successful at one point. Movie star Jenni Lee knows all too well that life can be difficult and it is easy to fall hard from high places. She is one of many who have found themselves in a place they never thought they would end up.

9 Disabled veterans live in the tunnels

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Veterans with disabilities who bravely served the country in the US military living in poverty is one of the hardest things to see. However, no one seems to be immune to life’s hardships. Especially those who find it difficult to live after being wounded in the war.

8 People’s waste in tunnels is a big problem

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Waste has become a major problem because of the stuff that people who live in the tunnels drop. When the rain washes their belongings, they pile up in other areas of the storm drainage system. The accumulation of waste becomes a major nuisance for the city to be cleaned.

7 They don’t spend all their time underground

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Many of those who live in the wells below the city spend their days above the ground. Some of them even have jobs, or they do numbers on The Strip for advice. They use their money to buy food and other basic necessities which they take back to their makeshift homes.

6 People go to tunnels to escape the heat

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Las Vegas is in the desert. The climate is ruthless. In summer, the day temperatures reach over 110 degrees, and at night they fall in the 1960s. The tunnels provide protection from the elements. So, many moles go underground to escape the harsh conditions above.

5 Workers try to help the moles

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Some organizations are trying to help people living in dangerous storm sewers. These workers provide assistance to people with health problems. They also offer to help them find a job and reintegrate into society. the Shine a Light Foundation is one of the groups that provide assistance.

4 There are a lot of couples living in the tunnels

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The tunnels are not just home to loners. Surprisingly, love is not lacking in this dark underground place. Many people living in this horrible situation have partners. Some of these couples are so committed that they are willing to go through anything with their other half.

3 Some people are happy

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Believe it or not, some people don’t care live in tunnels. For one reason or another, they love the life they lead, and no excitement will get them out. Until someone forces them, they will live in the tunnels without rent.

2 There are people who desperately want to get out

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Many moles want nothing more than to return to a healthy life. However, for some reason, they have a hard time getting out of the hole they were in. For these people, being in this dark place is stressful and depressing.

1 Some people leave the tunnel to live normal lives

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via Huckmag.com

Some people get by. They find jobs and save for a better life. They put life in the tunnel behind them, and they continue to live healthy, fulfilling lives. Hope everyone downstairs is doing like this couple.

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