The Longbranch is a renowned live music venue that has been showcasing national recording artists for decades. During our 30 year history, prominent musical talents from nearly every musical genre have played the Longbranch, including diverse artists such as Garth Brooks, Mötley Crüe, Bad Company, Rick Ross and Tiësto. Our facility is over 40,000 square feet with multiple stages, allowing us to host concurrent concerts or events, which can accommodate crowds larger than 3,500 indoors and up to 10,000 outdoors. We have ample on-site parking and numerous hotels located within a half-mile radius. The Longbranch is an ideal indoor and outdoor venue for concerts, trade shows, and sporting events. We can host concerts late into the night and possess full alcohol permits.

Our Customer Base The Longbranch has gained mass appeal by catering to the demographically- and musically-diverse fans that reside in the Research Triangle Metropolitan Re- gion, which includes the cities of Raleigh, Cary, Durham, and Chapel Hill. Fans of Country, Rock, Latin, Hip Hop, Top 40, R&B, and EDM all love the Long- branch for the quality live entertainment and party atmosphere we provide. Our fans are as diverse as the music we showcase.

About Us

Longbranch History
The Longbranch has been a staple of the North Carolina music scene for decades. The venue began as a small beach- inspired dance club that quickly grew into the expansive live music venue it is today. The Longbranch became legendary for the talented country music acts that graced its stages such as George Jones, Kenny Chesney, Rascal Flatts, Toby Keith, and Alan Jackson.

Recently the Longbranch has started to cater to the growing popularity of EDM by featuring artists such as Tiësto and Grammy Award winner Skrillex, both who recently per- formed in front of sell out crowds of more than 3000 fans. Other artists who have filled the Longbranch recently in- clude Latin performer Don Omar, hip hop singer Rick Ross, and EMD duo The Crystal Method. The Longbranch stages have the height and width to accommodate elaborate sets and visual effects.
Venue Profile
The Longbranch is an indoor and outdoor concert and entertainment venue designed with multiple sections to accommodate large numbers of fans. Our venue has been honored with multiple awards and nominations as the best place in Raleigh for live entertainment. The main concert hall features a large stage, huge dance floor, VIP areas, multiple dressing rooms, high ceilings that give the feel of an arena, and a 360o bar. The secondary concert hall has the look of a modern nightclub with a large stage and dance floor. The VIP lounge located on the mezza- nine level features private tables, couches, and a terrace with a great view of the entertainment.

The Longbranch has 15 full bars to accommodate large numbers of guests. The main stage area is adjacent to our largest bar, rimmed with ample seating and tables. Shown on the facing pages are photos of our facility.

Backstage green rooms, dressing areas, private bathrooms and showers provide performers the privacy they need. Our facility also has a sports lounge and billiards tables. In addition to concerts, the Longbranch has hosted non-musical events such as boxing, wrestling, dance competitions, awards shows, comedy acts and trade shows.

The Longbranch is the perfect intermediate-size venue— larger than a club and smaller then an amphitheater or arena. The Longbranch offers the choice of operating the entire indoor venue for a capacity of 3500, or operating the main and secondary concert halls separately. The Longbranch can also be operated year round, unlike the area’s seasonal amphitheaters. However, we can also host concerts at our adjacent field which can accommodate crowds as large as 10,000. The location of the Longbranch and the property footprint are shown on the adjoining map.
The floor plan and layout of the Longbranch are Downloadable.
The Longbranch Advantage
As an indoor concert venue set on 6.5 acres, the Longbranch has the advantage over local amphitheaters of being able to raise the volume to accommodate the louder shows. The technical rider for our recent Skrillex concert specified a mind-rattling 110dBA, which we were able to accommodate with room to spare. We can host concerts late into the night, unlike area outdoor venues that are required to limit the volume and stop the music by 10:30 p.m. on weeknights and 11 p.m. on weekends due to special use permits and local noise ordinances. Decibel levels measured at our property line can be maintained below acceptable limits late into the night, well after the outdoor venues are required to shut down.

The Longbranch complements other area venues such as Raleigh’s nightclubs and amphitheaters by bridging the gap between the few hundred person capacity of nightclubs and the 5000 and 18,000-capacity amphitheaters. Similar to how Charlotte, NC’s concert hall The Fillmore complements the 5,000-seat uptown amphitheater, and 18,800-capacity amphitheater; The Longbranch helps to bring more concerts and a wider variety of acts to the area and further assist the Raleigh market in becoming a top touring destination.
Facility Information

The Longbranch has three (3) stages: the main concert hall stage, the secondary concert hall stage, and a third stage with dimensions as follows:
Main Stage: 46.5ft x 20ft
Second Stage: 39ft x 19ft
Third Stage: 19ft x 16ft
The three stages are located in different parts of the venue, each with their own dedicated sound and lighting systems, allowing concurrent events.

The Longbranch has four (4) customer entrances to quickly move pa- trons into and out of the event areas. Each entrance has two sets of double doors which open into vestibules where attendants check tick- ets.

Sound Systems:
We have in-house sound available at no charge, along with the ability to customize a sound system designed around the needs of a specific musical artist. The Longbranch can deliver turnkey sound systems tailored to any concert through our sound and lighting contractors.

Seating Arrangement:
Portable seating, arranged as needed. For large events, the main con- cert hall, secondary concert hall, and outdoor areas can be designed for festival seating.

We have basic in-house light systems at each stage and can provide turnkey customized lighting systems designed around each event through our lighting contractor.

Power System:
The Longbranch has ample 3-phase power at all stages.

Backstage Facilities:
The Longbranch has multiple dressing rooms, green rooms, and pri- vate bathrooms that are not accessible to the public.


Effective November 1, 2013, the Longbranch will be closed while we are in the process of relocating and completing the up fitting of our new location. The facilities of the new location will be a vast improvement over the existing structure and the owners are sure that both customers and entertainers alike will welcome the changes.

This transition will be completed as quickly as possible so please keep tuned in to out website for the announcement of our new locations Grand Reopening of the Longbranch! We deeply thank you all for your loyal support and we are truly excited about this great news!


The Owners and Management of the Longbranch

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